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Safeguard data on x-rays, storage devices, phones, and computer equipment
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  • Enjoy the convenience and security of our media and e-recycling services.
  • Many types of media and electronics accepted, including x-ray film, DVDs, CDs, floppy diskettes, VHS tapes, magnetic film, microfiche, cassettes, computer towers, monitors, laptops, CRTs, printers, cell phones, and other e-waste.
  • We offer flat rate pricing and our "No Hidden Fee Guarantee" for easy budgeting, plus discounted pricing for higher volumes.
  • Offered as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to our document shredding and hard drive destruction job too big or small!

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How Our Media & E-Recycling Service Works

  • Collect your items in boxes or clearly mark them for disposal at your location. Call us to schedule your appointment.
  • You will receive a friendly reminder confirmation call one business day prior to your scheduled service as well as a call ahead the day of your service.
  • Our truck arrives for your appointment, and your items are securely removed and transported by a professional Service Technician for processing.
  • All materials are delivered to a local specialty asset recycling center where material components are separated by type, refined (shredded or granulated) when possible, and recycled. Go green!
  • Conveniently pay with cash, check, or any major credit card.
  • We provide you an invoice which includes your signed Certificate of Destruction.

Sierra Shred’s
"No Hidden Fee Guarantee"
means NO additional charges
for service time, travel time,
or fuel expenses.

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